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After commencing trading in 2010, Taylormade Screen Prints started out in a basement in Camden, London before relocating to Chesterfield, Derbyshire in 2014. After spending many years in full time employment working for other printers we realised we could go it alone and since then have never looked back. 

We're a small partnership, (just the two of us), which makes working with us personal and straightforward, from the enquiry stage right up to you receiving your order. So far our lovely customers have mostly consisted of bands, clubs, record labels, charities, artists, those in fashion and many other small businesses.

With 20 years experience in the screen printing industry, (and a pretty large cross section at that!), we're now here predominantly for those who require the more popular garment/ fabric printing services, but we're also more than happy to help other individuals and businesses who are looking for a more custom fit approach to their prints on both fabric and other materials. Screen printing is something we're passionate about and still love to do so the more unusual requests and enquiries are viewed as an interest, not an inconvenience.

We don't use any fancy automatic equipment here. All our work is printed by hand with great care and attention to detail. Despite this being labour intensive, we still manage to keep our prices extremely competitive and affordable for those on a budget, our turnaround time short and the quality of our printing impeccable. 

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